9+ Decorating Your First Apartment Ideas

One of the biggest things in your life is moving into your very first apartment and starting to live independently. So, the first thing you do when you are moving in is decorating your place from scratch and on a budget too. Therefore, now it is time for you to think about decorating your new apartment.


When you are decorating your first apartment always think back to a basic and simple things. Hence, these apartment decorating ideas come with a basic shopping list to get you started. Naturally, this list will focus on the basic elements in each room that create the biggest bang for your budget.


After you figure out what kind of decoration style and list you want for your new apartment. Therefore, your first task is to choose two spaces you want to prioritize first. Thus, usually the two most important spaces in your apartment would be your bedroom and living room. Hence, naturally, they both require the most investment, unlike other rooms.


Regardless of which rooms(bedroom or living room) you want to decorate it first. Hence, before you do it, you need to visualize how you’ll be using the room in order to furnish it. Thus, the first thing that you need to focus on is quality over quantity. To get started, take a look at these apartment decorating ideas and see which give you the most inspiration.


Use Color Wisely


If you start with a neutral base then mix in color, your space will feel sophisticated, rather than childish. No one wants an apartment that looks like a box of Crayolas melted all over the place. Follow this living room designed by Emily Henderson as an example in colorful yet understated decorating.

Window Treatments


Nothing shows you’re adulting like window treatments that aren’t made of paper or plastic. Design firm ETC.etera opted for striped Roman shades, but flowing curtains will also do the trick. Either way, the right window treatments will make your space feel more polished (and enable you to sleep in more!).

Splurge on a Headboard


Not only will a headboard and/or bed frame serve as a focal point in your bedroom, but it’ll be a major upgrade from putting your mattress directly on the floor. You’ll never have to rest your head against the wall again. For some guidance, take notes from this space designed by Arent & Pyke. The curves of this headboard along with the warm, deep colors ground the room and fill it with an edgy intensity while pink linens soften things up.

Personalize the Bathroom


To make a rental feel more personal and homey, make your mark with a monogramed shower curtain and of towels or robe. Then add some artwork and decor to polish it off. Alexander Reid used a garden stool and filled all the blank surface space with a gallery wall.

Hide Eyesores Creatively


In this living room designed by Robert McKinley Studio, the radiator is disguised by a brutalist metal cover and the occupant’s magazine and book collection is neatly displayed on floating shelves. Two apartment decorating solutions in one space!

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