9+ Clever And Stylish Living Room Storage Ideas

If you are searching for inspiration to great living room storage ideas? Don’t go anywhere, we a have couple of ideas for you. Usually, your living room is full of furniture. Hence, an armchair, a sofa or two, and media bits and bobs. Therefore, the living room is one of the rooms in the home that often need of a storage solution. Thus, not only you can make your living room feel spacious, but also not sacrificing style.


The important thing is choosing a piece of furniture or item that can offer as much storage potential as possible. For example, built-in shelving solutions, coffee table with a shelf and drawers, and box cabinets that can be wall mounted. Therefore, after you find it, the next step is to find out the storage piece that matches your living room design style. Hence, it will help to keep the living room style feeling cohesive too.


So if you are ready to get inspired, keep on reading our article. Because we are going to share some of our favorite living room storage ideas. Hence, not only practical but also simply stylish.


Make Your Living Room Storage Pretty As Well As Practical


When you are squeezed for space it can be tricky not to just make all your storage super practical. Also, not focus too much on what it actually adds to your space. But we reckon even in the smallest of spaces. Hence, storage can still be pretty and actually become a feature of your room. Need book storage in your small living room? Don’t just stack them all haphazardly on shelves, use them as part of your decoration. Arrange them in colors and pick out accessories to match. See practical and stylish.

Don’t Overlook Wall Hooks


Installing a couple of wall hooks is an effortless way to organize hats, coats and purses without cluttering drawers and counters. It’s important to find balance and spacing that works for the item you are hanging, as it will create visual appeal and also naturally function as wall decor.

Invest In A Storage Ottoman


Storage ottomans are a great solution for living rooms because they serve a dual purpose. In addition to having a lovely place to rest your feet, they provide a good-sized space to tuck away items you don’t want all over the living room. This could be a good place for blankets or extra pillows, maybe even sheets if you have a pull-out sofa bed.

Think About Using A Wall Storage Unit


Symmetry creates order out of dissimilar items. Storage wall units like the IKEA Kallax create a wall of squares that get items up and off the floor and other horizontal surfaces. They can also be used to create these little feature cubes where you can play with color, theme and texture.

Hide Clutter In Closed Storage


Some items, like books, can store really beautifully, while other items, like papers, children’s toys or small electronics, can be an eyesore. For these more difficult items, consider closed storage like a fabric cube or wicker basket. This strategy still makes all items accessible but makes it easier to also design a functional space with storage in mind!

Utilize The Space Under The Stairs


The space under the stairs can be used as a closet space with pull-out shelves or racks. A remodeling contractor can create this extra storage safely while maintaining the structural integrity of the stairs. This storage space can be used for many purposes like shoes, coats, or a mini-library.

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