8+ Gorgeous Bohemian Style Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The first thing that you may feel when you are starting to redecorate your bedroom is not an easy task. But, afraid not, there is a trick to do it. Therefore, you need to understand what kind of theme or decorative hub you want to fall under. Also, when you are choosing a decorating style, like a Bohemian style. Therefore, the decorative elements will just fall into place.


The distinctive feature elements in the bohemian style is an array of color. Also, billowing fabrics, prints, varying textures, and layers of worldly decor. So, the bohemian decoration style would be one of the most fun to create from scratch. If you’re looking into adding some funky nooks and crannies throughout your home.


Now you know that bohemian decoration style will have tons of different patterns, colors, painting ideas, and textures. Hence, it will make a distinct feel to your room. Therefore, with this guide, we hope that you will find the bohemian style ideas that suit your taste. And so you can start working on your redecorating your bedroom.


Show Off Your Books


Even books can become art when arranged on towering bookcases near the bed. Therefore, as in this colorful and exuberant bedroom from Casa Chaucha. Another fun touch: overlapped, propped-up artwork in place of a headboard.

Use Screens


Whether it’s wood, fabric, or wicker. Hence, such as the gorgeous vintage screen shown here), your boho bedroom needs a screen or two. Use one as a headboard the way Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow does here. Also, prop one in a corner, use a screen to provide privacy or mark off a sitting area.

Flea Market Artwork


If you’re on the hunt for artwork to hang on your bedroom walls. Therefore, check out your local thrift stores, flea markets, or antique malls. You’ll find lots of intriguing paintings, drawings, and photos just waiting to liven up your boho bedroom. Hence, just like this space from ​The Decorista.

Lots of Plants


While every bedroom should have at least one or two houseplants—they help purify the air, improve your mood, and add a touch of natural beauty hard to match with humanmade décor—a veritable jungle of houseplants isn’t at all uncommon in a bohemian space. Choose easy-to-grow greenery such as snake plant, pothos, dracaena, and Chinese evergreen, and you’ll liven up your room, even if your thumb isn’t very green.

Fresh Flowers


Every bedroom deserves fresh flowers; why not add their wonderful color and fragrance to your own sleeping space? And check out the fantastic lighting fixture in this colorful bohemian bedroom found on Design Addict Mom. It’s so pretty.

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