8+ Beautiful Living Room With Mirror Ideas

When you spend a lot of your time in the living room to chat with your family, entertaining friends, relaxing. Also, you can just sit back and relax binged watch your favorite show on the television.


Usually, you feel most comfortable in your living room(aside from your bedroom). And of course, you want your living room to reflect how you live and feel. Speaking of reflecting, placing mirrors in your living is one of the most popular and easiest ways to reflect many things in your living room.


Having a mirror in your living room. Thus, it can make your living room prettier, enhance your space, and increase the look and feel of the room. Hence, Mirrors is one of the decoration items that very versatile for decorating your room. So, if you like having mirrors in your living room. Hence, here are a couple of ideas on how to incorporate it into your living room.



Here is a longitudinal version of the mirror before this. This mirror sure creates an illusion of the living room being higher than it already is. Adding the mirrors beside the fireplace made it look really symmetrical and pretty. Moreover, what do you think about the grey lounge chair?

Astor Street Residence


Well, this living room sure is already large and adding the large mirrors creates a more larger feel and look to it. The contemporary feeling and design of this living room is just amazing, that inviting friends over is never an issue, especially when they know that your house looks like this!

Choy Residence 2


The mirror in here sure is large which covers the fireplace mantle and ends at the ceiling. I love how this one is in fact square in shape and it looks that it actually belongs in there! It’s definitely a perfect fit!

Brighton House


The monochromatic look of this Brighton house is just stunning. It’s almost black and white and it’s all the more stunning! From what I usually am able to see, people usually prefer adding large mirrors above a fireplace or a couch – just like in here.

Gallery Flat


Another mantle to ceiling mirror that is just sitting across the lovely vintage chandelier! Looking at this living room, you’d know that they have a thing for beautiful things because they added those cute elephant figures just beside the fireplace.

Emerson House


This charming living room is adorned with four small rectangular mirrors above the white large couch. It adds an accent to the plain walls while at the same time creating. Also, the illusion of a longer space while looking at the mirrors. I love how this all-neutral space actually looks really pretty.

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