17+ Amazing Living and Dining Room Combo Ideas

Living room and dining room combo. Thus, has long been an option for many household owners for various reasons. Hence, this strategy allows them to utilize relatively limited space.


If you live in a studio apartment or smaller-than-average house. Hence, you might be faced with the interior design challenge of creating a dining room and living room in one. Hence, small spaces, however, often create opportunities to design cohesive. Also, cozy interiors that are both chic and smart.


Creating a cohesive space is more complex than choosing a color palette and d├ęcor style. Hence, especially in small apartments where flow is of utmost importance. Thus, before you begin, think about the arrangement of your furniture. And how you plan to most use the space. For example, if you love entertaining, you may prioritize your dining area. Thus, if your home is where you rest and recharge, a plush living room will likely take center stage.


Matching Chair Legs and Color Accents


In this spacious modern finished basement living room dining room, an area rug defines the living space. Eames-style Eiffel chairs and pale yellow and black accents scattered throughout the room create a sense of connection between the spaces.

Cozy Neutrals


This home in the clapboard Granary building in Suffolk England includes a cozy corner cozy dining room anchored with a light-colored area rug. A simple palette of white, black and light warm wood tones and rustic, homey furniture unifies the spaces.

Scandi-Style Open Plan


In this pretty, lightly Scandi-inspired living room-dining room combo, the living area is flanked by a wall of windows on one side and a simple rectangular wood dining table on the other that is the same width as the window, helping to create a sense of proportion and structure in the open-plan space. A palette of light woods, camel upholstery on the sofa and blush pink accents keep the space feeling airy and comfortable.

Warm and Modern


In this warm living room/dining room, grounding gray walls and comfy leather seating. Hence, it creates a cozy place to relax and a tall tripod lamp and floor plant create a subtle divider between the sitting area. And dining space that includes a generously proportioned warm wood table. Also, a cluster of space-defining industrial pendant lights.

Cozy Cottage Living Dining Combo


This charming Scottish cottage has an open-plan living and dining room that features a pair of white-and-beige gingham-covered sofas. And a rustic round wood coffee table centered around a cozy fireplace. Hence, with a simple jute area rug to define the space. The dining area is a few steps away, tucked under the eaves, with a turned-leg light warm wood dining table. Also, simple country style wooden chairs that harmonize with the golden and beige tones of the room.

Modern Luxe Combo


In this luxe modern apartment designed by OreStudios, a palette of soft grays. And whites and mid-century classics like Eames Eiffel chairs. Also, an iconic Eames lounger creates a harmonious feel. An oval dining table has rounded corners that preserve the room’s flow. Hence, anchored by a striking Random Light pendant light to create a soothing, sophisticated, harmonious space. Also, with effortlessly distinct areas for living and dining.

Farmhouse Living and Dining


In this rural French farmhouse, the living and dining areas inhabit opposite ends of a long rectangular space. Dramatic wooden ceiling beams create interest. A large-scale antique glass-front storage cabinet helps define the dining space while providing practical storage for tableware. At the far end of the room, a white sofa positioned away from the dining room. Thus, faces a simple fireplace flanked by upholstered armchairs. It’s an old school reminder that open plan living wasn’t invented yesterday.

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