16+ Spanish Style Living Room Design Ideas

For several centuries, Spanish style homes have been a popular architectural choice, especially in areas like California. From the unmistakable clay tile roofing to the arched doorways, stucco walls and tall ceilinged entranceways. Thus, Spanish culture has touched architecture all across the Southeastern United States.


Whether you’re living in Madrid, California, or absolutely nowhere near either locale. Hence, it’s easy to add a touch of Spain to your home décor.


Get some design inspiration and tips with our collection of beautiful Spanish-style living rooms. Make sure you get the right palette and design elements for that coveted rustic Spanish charm.


Talavera Tiles


Talavera tiles, like those used in this living room from zioandsons, are perfect for embracing that Spanish vibe at home. From the bathroom to the kitchen to step-down stairs into a living room (as seen here). Hence, these colorful, patterned tiles bring a pop of color and personality to any home.

A Well-Curated Bookshelf


This space from therangebyronbay features rustic built-ins and a very well curated bookshelf. Spanish design is all about showing off family heirlooms and embracing history at home. When it comes to decorating your own home, focus on meaningful objects and weave them into your decor.

Spanish Accessories


This open living space from haciendachic features various Spanish-influenced accessories such as the bright woven rug and displayed guitars. Even if you don’t have arched doorways or exposed beams, a few Spanish-influenced objects can help give you that well-traveled. Also, eclectic vibe in your own home.



If you are a fan of the all-white monochrome look, you’ll love this Spanish version from kerryvasquezdesign. This bright white living room is fresh and crisp without feeling sterile. We love the various shades of white throughout the space to give the room depth without its feeling overly stark.

Stucco and a Fireplace


Many Spanish homes feature a focal point or a centerpiece the room is laid out around. This beautiful space from cestesdesign has a lovely rounded stucco fireplace that gives the space depth and warmth. The rest of the room is rustic and neutral and incredibly inviting.

Domed Ceilings


This lovely sophisticated living room from discinteriors features a domed ceiling that makes the space feel wide open and airy. When paired with the chic furniture and neutral finishes, this room is a great example of a modern Spanish interior.

Vaulted Ceilings and Exposed Beams


This living room from harmonicasa is jaw-droppingly beautiful and classically Spanish-influenced. We can’t get enough of the high ceilings with exposed natural wood beams. Hence, the ornate chandelier or the rustic curved archways.

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