16+ Gorgeous Eat-In Kitchen Ideas You Can Steal

Although we’re not prone to playing favorites. Hence, there’s one particular type of kitchen that stops us in our tracks every time: an eat-in kitchen. While markedly more casual than a designated dining room. Therefore, what an eat-in kitchen lacks informality. Thus, it more than makes up for in facilitating moments around the table with friends and family. Hence, which might help explain why the timeless kitchen layout is currently having a moment.


“I think eat-in kitchens are so important. Hence, for the way we live today, a.k.a. always on the go.” LeeAnn Baker of LeeAnn Baker Interiors LTD tells MyDomaine. “They provide a place for families to spend precious moments together. While preparing meals and doing homework and they encourage us to sit for a moment to eat. Thus, rather than just grabbing-and-going,” the interior designer explains. “They also offer a space for guests to gather when we are entertaining. Hence, since everyone inevitably ends up in the kitchen.”


Seeing as the ever-popular kitchen layout isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite eat-in kitchen ideas, courtesy of some of our favorite interior designers. Scroll on for 16 inspired dining room alternatives.


Open And Airy


In this airy, spacious all-white kitchen open to the outdoors with a wall of windows, black granite countertops define the cooking area. While the room is big enough to accommodate seating around the island, not everyone wants to dine at bar height. Here the island is used for meal prep and to display flowers and doesn’t include seating.

Define Areas With Lighting


In this enormous eat-in kitchen, a large kitchen island near the prep and cooking space is complemented by a full-size dining table anchored by an area rug on the other side of the space. Pendant lighting with a similar look but varying shapes anchors the dining table and kitchen island, creating a defined but uniform look. Wood beams add a sense of warmth to the sprawling open space.

Industrial Touches


This spacious eat-in kitchen has a small kitchen island and a large concrete dining table with rounded modern plastic chairs in black, yellow, and red that makes it an excellent spot for working (or co-working) from home. Industrial touches like an oversized stainless hood vent with exposed piping and matching stainless appliances mixed with an antique wood armoire for kitchen storage create a mutli-dimensional look.

French Charm


This eat-in kitchen in a 1800s French brick and flint country house from German interior designer Peter Nolden is an ode to French charm, with original architectural details, checkerboard fabric in two different colors on dining chair seats and used as a curtain for under-counter storage, vintage wood shelves on the walls and a generous wooden farm table for family meals. A black metal vintage chandelier and vintage lettering sign that says bookstore in French and hanging copper pots creates a timeless feel.

Galley Extension


This galley kitchen utilizes every inch of space on both sides of the cooking and prep area. Thus, while an adjoining dining area feels like an extension of the kitchen by keeping everything white and neutral. White gauzy curtains allow light to pass through. Thus, while adding a cozier feel, and a simple industrial pendant light anchors the dining area.

Minimalist Eat-In Kitchen


In this streamlined minimalist eat-in kitchen. Hence, an L-shaped cooking and prep area has plenty of counter space and open floor space. A simple table and chairs pushed up against the opposite wall. Thus, create an easy place to dine and break up the empty corridor leading to the rest of the apartment.

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