15+ Gorgeous Beach Themed Living Room Design

We know a lot of people who really loves the beach and can’t wait to infuse that look in their homes all year round! Sometimes, those who live close to the beach likes to make a similar aura to their homes. Thus, just to complement their environment.


Of course, even when you do not live by the beach, you can always achieve that coastal feel with a few tricks. So, if you want to create an easy going coastal feel reminiscent of a charming seaside cottage. Thus, use a color palette of various blue accents and to mimic an airy and inviting space.


Decorate your living rooms with soothing hues, seaside accessories like beach glass or seashells, or sea grass furnishings like a basket of sea treasures. Today, we have a compilation of 15 gorgeous beach themed living rooms. Let’s check it out!


Airy Beach House Living Room


When you’ve got a large expanse of windows looking out over something so beautiful. So, detract from it by overdoing the interior design. While comfort is certainly key in this beach house living room from Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design. Hence, there’s nothing that immediately draws the eye and takes away from the view. It’s all about casual comfort and the connection to the outdoors.

Sand Over Surf


When it comes to sand and surf, most people focus on the surf. But sandy colors are great for creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The real standout in this sandy living room from Diane Bergeron. Hence, is the wide expanse of sand-colored fabric across the window. Not only does it help to enhance the beach theme. But it helps to draw attention to the striking architectural beams above.

Cool and Crisp


A cool and crisp living room is a great juxtaposition to the heat and humidity of the beach. To create a look like this Miami beach room from MRA Design start with a clean, white backdrop. Also, then pepper in hits of strong blue. This works particularly well with a contemporary slant, so keep all the lines clean and the frills to a minimum.

Architectural Geometry


Let a room’s architecture speak for itself. The minimalist decor in this beach house living room from Pacific Edge Builders. Hence, allows the beautiful ceiling details as well as the vertical lines of the floor and walls to stand out. The geometric lines of the furniture and accessories help to reinforce the clean and crisp look.

Blue Hues


To say that the ocean is blue is a bit of an understatement. There are countless shades of blue in the sea. And therefore there can be countless shades of blue in an ocean-inspired living room. In this beachy pad from Studio 80 shades from navy to aqua are incorporated. Therefore, giving it not just beach style, but ocean style.

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