+11 Breathtaking Living Room With A Glass Sliding Door

If you have a room with a view, then you already fulfilled every contemporary homeowner craving for. Whether it is a view of wave breaking to the shores in a distance. And a view of sunset in the city skyline. There is also another gorgeous set view. Hence, thriving woodlands or a tranquil lake, houses with unabated views are incredibly popular. Thus, exteriors now becoming as essential as the interiors. Therefore, the extravagant use of glass has become an inherent part of contemporary architecture.


This one of the design styles that will help you transition from an open and closed-door policy to a fashionable display. Therefore, the concept of a glass sliding door will come to your aid. Hence, these large doors are sliding windows that will enhance your home with a dream style that portrays your inner personality.


If you’re already living in a home or an apartment, that already have a sliding glass door. Hence, you may need to contemplating to incorporated your ownd design. Therefore, with both of the scenario, you’ll find a new perspective for your living room. Also, a cherished space that will bring you peace of mind.


Walnut Residence


The sliding glass doors are very wide and gives people access to good lighting and a view outside any time of the day. The part of this residence that can be seen is clearly rectangular and putting furniture perpendicular to its direction gives a clear division of the living area from the other parts of the house as well.

Trevanion Remodel


A small couch perfect for two people and intimate conversations while watching television. The leather couch also looks cozy and perfect for chill nights. The sliding glass doors that lead outside also has a view. Also, an afternoon outside is not bad an idea at all.

The Ladbroke


A simple living room space with minimal decor. Perfect for intimate conversations and book reading nights. The sliding glass doors lead to a small patio outside and great lighting can penetrate the home thanks to the wide glass doors.

Suffolk County


The view outside is a winner and the use of glass sliding doors is perfect for that purpose. These big sectional couches that are so fluffy and comfortable-looking are perfect for that chill-with-a-view kind of day. The use of wood also works well in this home and goes nicely with the beiges in the area.

Sandhurst Residence


This home is wide and spacious and the glass sliding doors are a good way to serve as divider or partition for specific spaces of the house. The white lighting adds to the bright, clean look of this house and the white walls against wooden panel floors appear to be an amazing combination to actually consider in the house.

Rancho Ynecita


This living room is directly beside the dining room making the whole space wider and bigger. The colors are mostly white and beige and that’s why the room looks really neat and fresh. The elegance that white colors give make the any space feel more classic and beautiful. The glass sliding doors is a perfect addition to the gorgeous home not to mention that stunning view outside.



The bar counter is basically adjacent to the living room so preparing drinks and some snacks and chilling in the living room is a notch higher. The sliding glass doors give the perfect view of the beautiful area outside, so relaxing in the living room during broad daylight is a treat to the eyes.

Narrabundah House


This living room is really wide and that extremely long couch looks extra comfortable. The whole white and blue theme with black accents make the room appears classy and even wider. The glass sliding doors serve a good purpose of serving as a partition-maker for the sitting area outside. So when you want to chill outside or maybe just hangout inside and watch television, either way may work out well.

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