10+ Gorgeous White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

What is the one room in your home, that is the only place for relaxation and rest? If you guess your bedroom, then you are correct. Your bedroom should be the place for that. So, you need to love your bedroom. When you think of it, maybe it is time to redecorate your sleeping place to be a better and cozier place.


If you think redecorating your bedroom might be a herculean task. Hence, you think it wrong, it is much less stressful than you think. Hence, You need not overcomplicate your redecoration plans with a mix of colors and patterns. So, we are suggesting you go back to basics and opting for white, the timeless color.


Before you make a decision that all-white isn’t the right color for your bedroom. Hence, don’t forget you can give it an accent with pops of color or wood tone to your bedroom. Therefore, you will have a bedroom with white as the base, and just about anything will work!


What you get from the all-white bedroom are a calm retreat and serene bedroom. Hence, that will make you feel both fresh and relaxing. If you are thinking that all white is boring. Thus, before you jump into that conclusion, you better check our list of all-white bedroom ideas that we compile.


Touch of Pattern


Whatever your decorating theme, you need some pattern throughout the room. That’s even truer when your palette is limited to one or two colors, and it’s truest of all when the palette is just white. Without ​any pattern, your all-white room would look sterile.

Touch of Charm


This bedroom does the job rather whimsically with a picket-fence bed. It’s a touch of country charm that would work beautifully in a guest room or older child’s bedroom. Hence, keep any furniture with open slats out of a very young child’s bedroom, however. Not only is this bed super-cute. But, it’s also a look you can easily DIY over a weekend. Thus, just paint two sections of picket fence white, and attach to the top and bottom of your bed frame.

Touch of Color


Decorating your bedroom in white doesn’t mean you can’t have any other color. A few touches of color take a room that would otherwise be ho-hum and turn it into something special. It doesn’t take much–in this bedroom, the same tropical-print fabric makes up the drapes, window shades, and throw pillows to great effect.

Touch of Romance


Nothing says romance like a canopy bed. And when that bed is in a room that is otherwise quite simple, as the one shown here, it’s even better. Hence, some canopy beds look overly fussy, old-fashioned, or claustrophobic. But, that’s not the case here—the fabric is beautifully draped over an otherwise simple frame.

Touch of Shine


The clean, pristine feel of white gets a dash of excitement with the addition of metallic accents—there’s nothing like a touch of shine to bring a white bedroom out of the doldrums.

Touch of Texture


This creamy white bedroom makes masterful use of texture: from the shaggy white bedspread to the quilted throw pillows to the shiny, lacquer nightstands to the soft upholstered headboard to the white-and-tan wallpaper that almost looks like tile. The overall effect is rather retro, but the clean palette prevents even a hint of tackiness or out-of-date grooviness.

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