10+ Beautiful Wooden Headboard Ideas For Your Bed

The bedroom is the room that you spend most of your time in your home. Thus, it’s a place to rest your head, relax, and to get away from everything for a couple of hours. Also, your bedroom can be the place to read a book, take a nap, or just watch your favorite show on TV. Therefore, the bedroom is a sacred personal place that is very important for you. Hence, you need to put your mind and effort when designing and upgrading it.


The headboard of your bed, it is one of the easiest things to change and upgrade your bedroom. But, don’t underestimate the task, you need to find the perfect match with bedroom style and the design that you like. Also, the headboard bed can be quite expensive, if you are not looking hard enough.


When you are looking to buy or make a headboard for your bed. Hence, you will realize that it is the most contemporary spaces benefit from the ‘touch of wood,’. Also, there are couple of things that could gain benefit from the headboard aside from making your bedroom into a serene bedroom. So, now we are going to look at 10 headboard ideas. Hence, that can make you come into a decision of choosing what kind of headboard you need and want.


Traditional Bedroom With Wooden Headboard


Traditional and gorgeous. That’s the best way to describe this bedroom from Courtney Hill Interiors. The imposing wooden four-poster bed is softened by the heavily-distressed dresser next to it, as well as the cozy bedding and woven-cane-back armchair at the foot of the bed. What a beautiful room.

Wooden Midcentury Modern Bed


Midcentury modern, the decorating style predominant during the 1950s and 1960s, and currently once again riding high in popularity, calls for simple lines, unadorned wood, and furniture with legs, as shown in this simple yet stunning bedroom from Madison Modern Home.

Bright Walls in the Bedroom


When walls go bold, as in this vibrant bedroom from The Interiors Addict, a simple wooden headboard is just right. This bedroom has a tropical feel, which the bed complements without making a fuss or demanding attention. Perfect.

Beach-Themed Wooden Headboard


Who said a wooden headboard couldn’t have fun? This wave-inspired, turquoisey-green bed shows off a sense of whimsy and looks great while doing it. The bright pillows continue the beachy feel. The bedroom is from Studio80 Interior Design.

Matte Paint on a Wood Headboard


This bed is a traditional design, but the matte black paint gives it a contemporary edge. Add in the touches of bold color and pattern throughout the space, and you have this gorgeous bedroom from Burnham Design.

Intricately Designed Wooden Headboard


This bedroom from Burnham Design shows off an amazingly ornate Moroccan bed. When decorating with a showstopper like this one, it’s best to limit the accessories and colors in the rest of the space.

Painted Wooden Headboard


Wood can be painted, of course, to any color you’d like. In this traditional vintage styled room from Urban Grace Interiors. Hence, the soft green is just enough of a statement to hold its own without demanding too much attention. So pretty.

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